Monday, February 16, 2009

Death to Cupid...Or Maybe Not ;)

There are just never enough hours in the day...never. And you know, I've been so much better at getting up early than I ever was in undergrad but I don't feel like I get that much more accomplished. 2009 has been a busy year so far but what's more is that it's actually Who would have thought?

I feel like I've gotten so much closer to the members of my cohort. It's as though something transformed over Christmas break. Not that I didn't enjoy them last semester...I did. It just feels different now. I think these are people who I will definitely stay in contact with beyond graduation. This Thursday, there will be a meshing of my Raleigh/Greenville friends. Several of the MFTs (and a couple boyfriends) are going with me to see The Vagina Monologues at Meredith. It will be the first time any of them have met. I'm excited but also a little nervous. I hope everyone gets along. Not that they'll have a whole lot of time to not get along that evening. I'm wondering how I will feel about watching the VMs as opposed to being in them. I really do miss that. Being a part of the VMs is such a bonding and empowering experience. I'm not sure that, had I done them at ECU this year, it would have been the same. There's just something about being backstage with your best friends, dressed in red and black, and talking about vaginas. You can't beat it. I am looking forward to my Greenville friends seeing this Meredith place I'm always going on about.

Speaking of which, I was at Meredith this weekend. I had the opportunity to see Schoolgirl Figure, starring none other than my Lil Sis, Sara. It was a comedy about high school girls with eating disorders. They compete to see who will be the skinniest and whoever is, wins "The Bradley". You might be wondering how a play about eating disorders could possibly be a comedy...I had wondered that myself. But it was so FUNNY. The writer took something serious and made it humorous. I can't even describe how she did it. Throughout the play, I kept thinking, "Should I be laughing at this?" I almost felt guilty. It was a great show, though, and Sara was hilarious as usual. She really has a knack for comedy. Aside from seeing the play, I had cupcakes with Hillary and Molly and was able to meet up with Tiffany for dinner. This Raleigh experience was much better than the last one I had.

The next day was Laura and Aaron's wedding shower. It was going to take place in Cary and I just KNEW I would get lost on the way there. Sure enough...I got extremely lost. I literally had no idea where I was. That made getting directions from Aaron a bit more difficult. Somehow, I finally made it there...and only 45 minutes late! The shower ended up being a lot of fun though. It was nice to meet Laura and Aaron's families and it made the reality of the wedding sink it. I can't believe it's in less than a month! Laura is my first close friend to get married. Next comes Tiffany, Ashley, Jamie, and Rasheeka. Wow. It's no wonder I have this fear that all my friends are going to get married and leave me behind. I really am happy for Laura and Aaron though. They are fantastic people who happen to be great for each other. I am really blessed to have them as friends.

Back in Greenville, it was time for Kristy's birthday dinner. I wasn't in the best of moods when getting ready to go out that night. First of all, it was Valentine's Day...the first in 5 or 6 years that I didn't have a boyfriend. It was a little strange, a little sad, for me. I had been looking forward to meeting a friend of Jamie and Will's who was coming to the party. I thought that might brighten my V-Day a bit. Well, that is, until I found out he wasn't coming. Apparently, he was having car issues. Of course he was. Anyway, I didn't want that to ruin my evening. So I put on my cute new dress and went out. I ended up having a really good time too. Valentine's Day turned out to be much better than I had expected...even without a Valentine of my own.