Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's 4pm on a Wednesday and I'm blogging...yet another thing I'm able to do thanks to no longer having my job. Some of the other things have included: sleeping, eating someplace other than my car or desk, working out, smiling, spending time with people I actually care about, doing laundry, and going more than one day without feeling as though I might have a stress-induced panic attack. I'd say it's been a pretty successful month. I have been looking for a job but, honestly, I don't exactly know what to look for. I'm completely ambivalent about being a therapist and yet I'm not qualified to do much of anything else. I've considered going back to school but I'm not sure what I would go for. I've also seriously contemplated becoming a certified wedding planner. No, I'm not joking. I realize I'm no Jennifer Lopez but I think it's something I would actually enjoy. Of course, I start worrying about what kind of business I would have. What's the market like for wedding planners these days? I mean, seems like it would be pretty good. People are getting married. People are busy. I'd say that calls for a wedding planner. It's an option, at least. On the bright side, I have a job interview on Friday for Veteran's Affairs in Durham. I'll write more about the actual job description after the interview because, at the moment, I don't know a whole lot about it. However, what I do know sounds really interesting and it would be a slight shift on the typical therapy thing, which it what I think I need right now. Oh, and I forgot to mention...I took the MFT licensure exam last Friday. I was surprisingly calm going in and still had about an hour and a half to spare when I was finished. I took my time, considered every answer, and checked over my selections before submitting. Some of the answers I knew without a doubt, others weren't so black and white. Overall, I left the testing center feeling pretty okay about the whole thing. It'll be about 4 weeks before I find out my results. If I fail, I'll be the only person in my class who hasn't passed and I just can't bear that humiliation. And I would be out a WHOLE lot of money. If I pass, I'll be one step closer to a career I'm not even all that sure about. This is my life.

Speaking of life, I've been enjoying a lot more of it since moving. Last Saturday, to celebrate finishing my exam, Brandon took me to Gigi's Cupcakes where I experienced an incredible red velvet cupcake. It was the typical red velvet cake with a vanilla filling, amazing cream cheese frosting, red sugar sprinkles, and a white chocolate heart on top. Happiness. In. My. Mouth. Saturday night, Cheryl and Rowland (Brandon's mom and step-dad) came over for dinner. Brandon and Rowland put our new entertainment center together (a Christmas gift from Cheryl and Rowland), we enjoyed chicken pot pie, and I dominated at dominoes (one of my new favorite games). On Sunday, I had a much overdue breakfast with Sarah. The pancakes were scrumptious (orange pancakes with orange-infused butter and orange molasses) and the conversation flowed more easily than I expected it to. It was good to catch up with Sarah after so much time. That evening, Brandon and I went to a Superbowl party thrown by my friend, Allison (I met her at MST training for Youth Villages) and her fiance, Justin. Kristy and her new beau, also named Brandon, were there as well. The company was good and the food was delish. The game was alright too...for those who like football ;). I mostly went to socialize because, let's be honest, I hadn't watched the Superbowl since high school. Brandon had fun goading Kristy about her Packers who, of course, won the game. The day was topped off by the return of Glee, which Brandon actually watched with me!
Scarlett's Red Velvet - SOOOO AMAZING!

This weekend will be just as busy, if not more so. Friday, Sam is coming into town and will be spending the night with Brandon and me. Saturday is Jamie's baby shower, which Sam and I are throwing for her at The Twisted Fork. Kristy's birthday party is Saturday night. And on Sunday, Jack and Karen (Brandon's dad and his wife) are visiting and taking us out to dinner. Whew!