Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Update...Like SNL

It's been a great weekend and I'm a little sad that it's almost over. Actually, my weekends have drastically improved since graduation. Even though I'm still really busy during the week, how wonderful it is to not have papers, exams, or other assignments to worry about Friday through Sunday. I feel like I have a life again.

It really started on Thursday... Brandon came to see me. I'd decided I was going to cook dinner for him because, the last couple times I've been at his place, he's not only cooked dinner but also breakfast. I chose spaghetti because, let's be honest, that's one of the few dishes I know how to make (I hope to improve my cooking skills now that I have a little more time). Dinner turned out well but, what was even better is that Brandon volunteered to do the dishes. Yes, I know, not a huge deal but it really said something to me. I was impressed. I'm not used to that kind of treatment. I haven't had it in a while. Plus...Brandon and I are actually thinking about moving in together. And seeing that the domestic responsibilities would likely be 50/50 makes me feel even better about the decision.

On Friday, I met up with Dr. O'Dekirk for lunch. This was the first time I'd seen him since February so I was very excited about it. We went to a place called Zoe's Kitchen where I'd never been before. My sandwich was super messy but delicious. I love talking with Odie because he's so encouraging and supportive...not to mention interested in everything that's been going on with me. He wanted to hear about Brandon, graduation, friends, job prospects... I usually end up talking so much about my life that I forget to ask about his...something I end up feeling guilty about but he doesn't even seem to mind. He mentioned that things haven't been going well at Meredith, due to budget cuts and such. Women's Studies was cut a while back (at a women's college...ironic). Now, Psychology is merging with Social Work and possibly Sociology. Religion has been combined with several other departments. Faculty and staff positions are getting cut now. It really broke my heart to hear that I place I love so dearly is falling apart over something like money. It actually makes me glad that I graduated when I did and didn't have to witness what's happening these days. I'm even sort of relieved that I didn't get the RD position this year like I was hoping. Maybe, if another position like that opens up in the future, the state of the college will be better.

After lunch, I met up with Kenny at the mall. I first met Kenny through the Fine family. He's Jason's roommate at Carolina Beach. I didn't interact with him much while James and I were dating but we've been in touch since Molly and I spend the weekend down there in March. We hung out at the mall for a bit while waiting for Molly to get there. He even bought me a cookie and a Coke. When she arrived, the three of us went back to her apartment where we would hang out until dinner. It was fun to have Kenny there and he seemed comfortable. He even let Molly straighten his hair (actually, I think he asked her to do it), which was amusing to watch. Dinner that night was at Carrabba's. They don't take reservations so we called ahead about an hour before we were set to arrive. Nevertheless, we ended up waiting about an hour and a half to be seated. It wasn't so bad though. The company was good, we had time to take pictures and for Molly to open her gifts, and they brought out free appetizers since our wait was so long. And the food was worth the was the champagne Sara recommended that I try. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. After dinner, all 11 of us went back to Molly's apartment for some incredible cookie cake and chatting. Then, a few of us went to Bogart's downtown for dancing. I actually wasn't thrilled at the idea of going dancing. I've noticed that I feel pretty out of place at the club. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or because, when I used to really like it, I was going through some sort of phase. Either way, I was glad when we didn't stay too long (not to mention the fact that my new shoes were KILLING my feet). Don't get me wrong, I love to dance but I think it's the atmosphere of the club. When we were at Molly's apartment, Sara suggested that we turn on some music and dance there...I was secretly hoping that would be the chosen option. But Molly was the birthday girl and it was important to do what she wanted to do. Overall, I thought the night went splendidly.
The whole group at Carrabba's.
A few of the ladies at Bogart's.

Saturday, Molly, Leah, and I met up with Sam at none other than The Cupcake Shoppe. That is my happy place. I had the flavor of the week which was chocolate raspberry and it was incredible. Leah and Sam had never been there before so I was excited to introduce them to one of my favorite places in Raleigh. Afterward, the four of us went to the mall. Sam, Leah, and I are deprived of a good mall in Greenville so we had to take advantage of the opportunity. I went in Lush for the first time, which Sara had told me about. They were playing the Glee soundtrack! I didn't end up buying anything but they had gained my respect. Eventually, it was time to go our separate ways. Molly and Leah went back to Molly's place while Sam and I took off for Southpoint for a little more shopping. Sam was on a mission to find what she calls "the monkey skirt" at Anthropology. She didn't end up getting it but I hadn't been out there in a long time and the change of scenery was nice. Sam and I had dinner at PF Changs (another first for Sam) with Jamie, which was great. We stayed at the restaurant for almost 2 and a half hours, just chatting. We hadn't seen Jamie since graduation, which feels like forever when you're used to seeing each other nearly every day. We caught each other up on our lives. Right now, we're all in the same boat...just looking for a decent job. I was relieved to see that, even though we're not in school anymore, the three of us still had a ton to talk about. I was afraid that my cohort and I would no longer have anything in common and would drift apart. I don't think I need to worry about that with Sam or Jamie. We drove back to Greenville last night and I was really wishing I had someone with me because the weather was terrible. It was dark, raining, and foggy. I'm pretty sure I went about 15 MPH under the speed limit for most of the trip because I was so nervous. People were whizzing past me, which I just couldn't understand. I was praying the whole way and, thank God, we made it back safely.

I'm a bit sad that I wasn't able to see Brandon this weekend (his friends came down to Wilmington to visit him) but I'm really grateful that I had the chance to spend some time with my ladies. Here's to more fun-filled weekends to come!

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