Friday, January 28, 2011

Feels Like Home

It must be a new record for me to actually update less than 3 months since my last entry. :) Seeing as how I'm currently unemployed though, I guess I don't really have an excuse. As of yet, there are few leads on the job front. However, my licensure exam is next Friday (pray for me) and my hopes are high (for better or worse) that more opportunities will come my way after that.

Our first week in Morrisville is coming to a close and it hasn't been terribly eventful. Brandon started his new job on Monday. He's doing flooring estimates as a sub-contractor and seems to like it well enough so far. It's going to keep him on the roads quite a bit (hmm...why does that sound familiar?) but he should be able to set his own schedule and such. He spent this week training and will likely be on his own next week, which I know he's eager to do. While he's been at work, I've been trying to get some studying in. It's been difficult though. Since moving, I've just felt drained. While I've enjoyed my free time, I think I'm someone who just needs a little more structure than I've had since quitting my job. It was easier when Brandon was home with me because he held me accountable for getting things done (studying, working out, running errands, etc.). When he's not here, I'm so tempted to be lazy. Some studying has gotten accomplished but that's about it. Very little unpacking has been done but I'm hoping Brandon and I can take care of some tomorrow.
Our new apartment...complete disaster area at the moment!

The highlight of the week was being able to spend some time with friends. It felt so strange to be seeing my Meredith girls in the middle of the week. On Wednesday, Hillary stopped by and we just chatted for a few hours. It was really nice because, the last couple of times I've seen her, I've felt so rushed. But this time, we were just able to curl up on the couch and talk. She lives about half an hour away from me now, which is the closest we've lived to each other since I graduated from Meredith. I also saw Sara and Molly on Wednesday. We ordered Papa John's and played Twilight Scene It. Yeah, we're dorks. And it was a surprisingly difficult game! You would have to be a hardcore fan to do really well. But it was fun. Today, I drove out to Hillary's new house (sans GPS...I was so proud of myself) and she treated me to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. We had a soup that consisted of chicken, vegatables, and noodles...sounds simple but it was really delicious. We also ran into her cousin, Paul, at the restaurant, which was totally random.

So...the best part of moving so far? Being tons closer to the people I've missed for the last 2 1/2 years! :)

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Regina said...

Glad to have you a little closer by! Best of luck with jobs and exam!