Monday, March 14, 2011

Chasing Pavements

Brandon took his name off the lease today. I don't really know how I feel about it. It's a relief to have a roommate to fill his place but...she's not really "filling his place". He even seemed more sad today than I've seen him in the past. I knew it was coming but didn't realize exactly how I was going to feel when it actually happened.

My new roomie, Jamie, is planning to move in around April 1st. I just hope my lucky streak when it comes to roommates (i.e. Hillary, Sam - boys excluded) continues. After Brandon moves, I'll still have some things in the apartment to rearrange, a.k.a. moving all of my crap out of Jamie's soon-to-be room. The whole apartment is a work in progress. I haven't been very motivated to decorate the walls but I'm getting to it. I want very much for it to be a place I enjoy coming home to.

I'm in the process of applying for my Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate (LMFTA) status and it's a serious pain in the butt. It's $200, first of all, with which I'm going to have a really hard time separating. Secondly, I have to find someone to be my supervisor because he/she has a form to sign. Then, I have to obtain 3 endorsement/recommendation forms. I have to attach course descriptions from grad school to the application. And the whole thing has to be notarized...all by April 1st! Seriously...after graduating from an accredited program and passing the licensure exam, you would think that's enough. Oh no. As much as I hate it, I have a feeling I'll end up driving to Greenville sometime this week. Yay.

Still no news on the job front. I have another interview tomorrow but who knows. I keep hoping this is going to be the week it happens.

Kristy introduced me to a new church yesterday called Journey. I really liked it...though I still miss Port City. That was, by far, the best church I've ever been to. But, unless I want to settle for watching it online (which isn't nearly the same), I have to find a new place. The sermon yesterday was very relevant to my current situation and I was hoping it would be. God has a way of working out that sort of thing.

And that's the update for now. I'm melancholy today, if you can't tell by my tone. I feel like I'm continuously running in place and I'm just so ready to go somewhere.

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