Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today, I accepted a job offer with Triumph, LLC. I'll be starting out as an Intensive In-Home Team Specialist and, once my provisional license is official (Lord willing), I'll move up to Team Lead. I'm excited about it but I'm trying not to allow myself to get TOO excited. I was way too excited about my last job and it, well, blew up in my face. I did do more research before accepting this offer, as far as talking to others who work for, or have worked for, the company. I've gotten surprisingly good reviews (surprising because I was afraid they would be otherwise). Before I started at Youth Villages, I just sort of ignored what few things I heard about it (because they were bad and I wasn't about to let anyone burst my bubble). I wanted to be much more cautious this time and, hopefully, it'll pay off. My training starts on Monday. While I will be very sad to give up all the free time I've had, I won't miss the days of just wandering around the apartment with nothing to do and no money to spend. It'll feel good to have something with which to fill my days. Or, at least, I say that now. ;)

I've been having a tough time sleeping for the last few nights and I'm not sure why. I moved my TV into the living room after Brandon left, so I had to get used to sleeping in silence again (I'm not a fan). I tried playing soft music on my ipod but that ended up keeping me awake worse than the TV. Even when I do fall asleep, I wake up again shortly thereafter. My body feels so tired but I just can't sleep.

This evening, I finished off the second book I've read all the way through in the longest time. Again, I recommend Loving Him Without Losing You to every woman I know. I do hope the new job will still allow some time for my newly rediscovered love of reading.

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